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How bad do dermal piercings hurt?

Oct 20 , 2021

Tiffany Goldblum

How bad do dermal piercings hurt?

First ever piercing?
Getting your first piercing can be a daunting experience. For one, the uncertainty of going for your first piercing can be intimidating, especially considering the unknowns of how much pain you will be dealing with. Nearly everyone has a different pain tolerance, but we will look at the consensus as well as the science behind that goes behind it. But you can relax! Piercings in general are usually very quick and generally feature little discomfort.

All Piercings will cause you at least some level of discomfort

While we all have different pain tolerance, we can set a general idea of what can cause more pain by looking at things like how thick the tissue is, how many nerves are in the general area, as well as how exactly the piercing is applied. Dermal piercings, for example, go into your skin but do not come out the other end. They usually are pushed through a few layers of skin which can cause a great more deal of pain. Regular ear piercings on the other hand can be applied quickly and the tissue of the ear tends to heal pretty quickly as well.

So how bad does getting a dermal piercing hurt exactly?

Dermal piercings are different than other piercings in that you are implanted with an anchor in the middle layer of your skin which will hold the dermal in place. These piercings do not have an exit hole unlike other piercings which means the anchor will sit in your skin and the dermal will be screwed into the anchor after the piercing is complete. Pain associated with dermal piercings very from person to person, but you expect some pressure associated with the pain. Depending on how the dermal is inserted, can have a large effect on the amount type of pain you will feel.

How are dermal piercings done?

There are two common types of ways that dermal piercings are done: with a punch and with a needle. With a needle, the area is first sterilized and marked with ink for precision. Then, a needle is placed in the skin and pulled out creating a pocket for the anchor. An anchor is then placed in the pocket with forceps and then a dermal can be placed in the anchor. The second type of dermal piercing is applied is with a punch. Dermal punches are usually described as being a little more painful because it is a circular tool that is essentially acting as a cookie cutter and punching hole into the skin.

What is the healing process like?

One thing to be aware of when you get your piercing is that dermal are the most likely to be prone to rejection. Because they are not inserted that deep into the skin, sometimes the skin can push the anchor out. Choosing an area with more skin surface decreases your chances of rejection. Just like with any other piercing, you want to ensure that you are keeping the area as bacteria-free as possible to avoid infection during the healing process. This means avoiding things like pools and hot tubs, opting for clean and loose-fit clothing, avoiding direct sunlight, and even wearing protective bandaging when doing physical exercise. You also want to make sure you clean the area often for at least 30 seconds with non-scented soap, soak the area with a sterile saline solution for about 5 to 10 minutes a day, and pat dry with a soft paper product.

Choosing Your Jewelry

A good rule of thumb would be to use metals that are unlikely to irritate the pierced area, as irritation and allergic to certain metals can be common in people with sensitive skin especially. Sticking to metals like surgical stainless steel, solid 14K gold, Tygon plastic, and surgical titanium are your best options when trying to avoid irritating the piercing site. Because dermal piercings are typically pierced using a size 12 gauge or a 14 gauge, you should follow it up with jewelry of the same size after healing. You are free to use whatever style of dermal jewelry you would like as long as it is the correct size and using the correct metals to avoid further irritation.

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